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Who Is IVAS?

The Irvona Volunteer Ambulance Service.

We are a small Volunteer Ambulance Service that has a very large coverage area. We service all of the Irvona, and Coalport boroughs, and parts of Beccaria, Chest, and Jordan Townships. Currently our service has 15 members that consist of 9 EMTs, 4 First Responders, and 2 drivers.

With this limited amount of personal, we are providing close to 24/7 coverage. However, there is still that time when we don't have enough members to be on. More assistance from qualified personal is greatly needed and would be beneficial to our service and our community.

Again, if you are an EMT, First Responder, or have any other up to date qualifications, email us if you are interested in joining.

Irvona Volunteer Ambulance has just celebrated its 60th anniversary. The company was founded March 18th in 1947 and has been serving the community since.

Through the years the service has had six different ambulance units, the first being a 1947 LaSalle. As of now we are working with a slightly newer and more advanced 2000 Ford E-350.

During the last 60 years this company has evolved into a professional organization serving its purpose in the community for those in need. We have had our share of good and bad calls. Recently the ambulance service has accomplished one goal that has never happened since the founding of the organization. 7 members of the company were lucky enough to assist in the delivery of a live, healthy baby girl. The ambulance has helped many patients through the years, but this patient is one we will never forget.

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Irvona Volunteer Ambulance Service

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