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Are you fully insured against the high cost of an ambulance transport and Emergency Medical Service? Our Ambulance Subscription Plan is your security blanket for the uninsured portion of unexpected bill for emergency ambulance service.

We have insurance- Why subscribe?

Serving the Irvona Area with some of the Pennsylvania's best equipped Basic Life Support Ambulances is very costly. Most insurance companies do not fully cover the costs incurred in an emergency ambulance trip. The fact is you are probably only partially insured for the actual cost of ambulance and emergency medical services. The ambulance membership covers all of those costs which your insurance company may not pay. The ambulance does all of the processing of your insurance claims and forms.

Irvona EMS has been selling Ambulance cards to the residents of our coverage area and community for the last two years. Ambulance cards help support our service, and also benefit those who hold a card if in need of our help. For a single resident card it is $20.00, and for Household $30.00. You can purchase these cards from Hunter Pro Hardware in Irvona, or directly from the company. For more information go to the contact page and E-mail the websites publisher. Thanks again for your support.

What are the Benefits of an Ambulance Card???

Unlimited emergency transports per person to any hospital within a 30 mile radius.

Subscribers will be charged the current fee for mileage for any trip beyond the 30 mile radius if the ambulance is unable to collect said amounts from the patient's medical insurance carrier.

This membership permits Irvona Volunteer Ambulance Service to collect directly from any benefit available.

Subscription fees are utilized to offset insurance co-payments and deductibles for our subscribers. It is important for members to REQUEST IRVONA AMBULANCE 2751 when contacting 911.


Irvona Volunteer Ambulance Service

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